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Fast Online Rental Applications

We give tenants the ability to create a digital rental applications. This allows tenants to apply to multiple verified TrustedRentr apartments in seconds! Stop spending hours completing multiple applications.

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Tenant Credit Score Boosts

We work with credit agencies to help boost the credit scores for our users. Within just a few months, paying rent over TrustedRentr can increase a tenant's credit score up +100 points!

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Manage Applications & Properties

Landlords need a simple, affordable, and fast solution to manage their properties, accept applications and avoid scams. Our software makes finding the next great tenant simple and straightforward!

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Message Center *Coming Soon*

Communication is important for any relationship, and the landlord and tenant relationship is no exception. We provide an easy to use message center for landlords to push notifications to all their tenants in just a few clicks!

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Online Payments (Stripe)

Landlords are able to schedule online payments reducing wasted time driving to the bank to cash checks. By using online payments tenants can count their rental payments towards their credit score!                   

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RentScore Rated Tenants

Often times background checks and credits score are expensive and don't always provide reliable data. Our RentScore algorithm picks up on the information both landlords and tenants want to see at no cost to the landlord and tenant. Why spend hundreds of dollars on reports often provide misinformation about landlords and tenants?

Partners & Investors
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Pitch Competitions
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