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TrustedRentr vs. Apartments.com

Many landlords have expressed to us their frustrations with using property management tools like Apartments.com, or alternatives. Although marketed as "free", these tools force users to pay rent online or up-charge tenants for expansive reports.

TrustedRentr is the BEST SOLUTION as our users are able to quickly find their next great apartment or tenant through our secure local network with no limits.

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TrustedRentr + Craigslist

There are many concerns with using Craigslist including scams, fraud, and poor safety. TrustedRentr gives landlords and tenants a secure link to use on Craigslist to validate the information provided.

Why use TrustedRentr?
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Court fees can costs both landlords and tenants thousands of dollars.
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75% of all background checks miss important data.
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Credit scores aren't an accurate way to determine if someone is a good tenant.

Free Accounts

Creating a TrustedRentr account is free for both landlords and tenants. The core features of our platform we make free.

To pay for these awesome features we charge a small service fee if users want to pay rent online to boost their credit scores each month.

Interested in learning more?

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Everything TrustedRentr Offers

For Tenants
  • Digital rental applications
  • Apply to apartments with friends
  • Apply to multiple properties in seconds
  • Avoid apartment scams
  • Pay rent online
  • Increase credit score
  • Report maintenance requests
    *Coming Soon*
  • Message Center
    *Coming Soon*

For Landlords
  • Access to the TrustedRentr Network
  • Receive digital rental applications
  • Filter qualified applications
  • Manage properties and tenants
  • Avoid fraud and missing information
  • Access to TrustedRentr "quick apply" link
  • Receive rent online
  • Message center
    *Coming Soon*
  • Track maintenance requests
    *Coming Soon*
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