TrustedRentr During Covid-19

During this crazy time of a world pandemic it is more important than ever to know how your tenant is and how they have treated rental property in the past. Landlords are caring individuals and many across the country have shown that by creating rent payment plans, deferring rent, some have even canceled rent payments. This is an incredible show of grace and understanding, especially when most small time landlords work full time even while being a landlord.

Even with these examples, we are seeing an incredibly bad idea pop up around the country of rent strikes. This is where tenants decide, without the consent or involvement of their landlords, to stop paying rent. They have no intention of paying the rent after the problem subsides. This is something that can bring a lot of fear to landlords who might be scraping by with their own problems during a national crisis, and can cause a wide impact across the economy because of this awful idea.

Housing is important to everyone. A home is where our families live and where our children grow up and learn. This doesn’t mean that these homes don’t have a cost associated with them. Landlords take out loans and risk their own financial futures on the idea that they want to provide others with a home of their own.

TrustedRentr provides landlords with the resource to keep a history of who their best tenants are and give future landlords the opportunity to understand who the tenant is that is applying to live in their investment. This rental history stays with a tenant during their entire time renting and is used to apply to a new rental property when they have decided to move. This application is easy to view and screen with our rental history score. Landlords can also make sure that any issue that comes up during a tenants time renting is tracked by adding it to their rental history.

This is a crazy time in our word right now. So give yourself some peace of mind and join the TrustedRentr network today!

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