How our Rental History Score works

TrustedRentr is our innovative approach to a significant problem in the rental industry. Trust. Individual landlords everywhere are worried that the investment that they have put a large amount of their time and energy toward (rental property) will be mistreated or damaged, and on top of that the landlord needs to cover all the costs associated with the property with the rent they collect- long with all their other life expenses which may include another mortgage, home energy bills, repair costs to the building (roof, furnace), and other costly issues that can occur.

Today, the most commonly used screening tools are credit and background checks, but these methods have never been a great option to know how a tenant will treat rental property. For that reason many landlords will meet tenants and evaluate them personally based on that quick interaction. We’ve personally heard stories about landlords picking tenants based on how clean the interior of their car was when they came by for a tour of the apartment.

We want to make an objective and clear way to screen tenants that isn’t based on social skills or other subjective methods. Our rental history score is based on objective data compiled during a tenants time renting and run through our proprietary algorithm to show the level of risk each individual will be to rental property. 

We know that the large majority of tenants are great, but the few that cause problems make the whole application process stressful for everyone involved.

With TrustedRentr you'll know right away if the tenant have caused significant damage to other apartments, if they’ve been evicted, missed payments, or brought in animals that weren't allowed in the contract. All of this information is verified with prior landlords. If you only accept tenants through TrustedRentr you can avoid many future issues, and protect other landlords from those same issues as well!

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