How does TrustedRentr work?

At TrustedRentr we are working to make the lives of landlords and tenants as easy as we can. We have created a product that works as an application to rental property and screening of a tenant all in one space.

We have created a rental history score that goes with a tenant from property to property and is added to at every point down that journey. You can think of it like a credit score, but made specifically for landlords to quickly screen a tenant and get them into a rental property. Most tenants don’t give landlords any issues. They pay rent on time, take care of the property, and don’t break their lease agreements over the time of renting the property. We wanted to give those tenants a reliable and fast way to prove their value. 

On the other hand, when a community has some bad tenants, they tend to move from place to place not paying rent and possibly causing damage to property as they go. TrustedRentr is a firewall against that type of tenant. If you request that a tenant apply only through TrustedRentr, this tenant won’t be able to hide behind a fake prior landlord or reference, old credit reports, or other ways to get around the screening process.


We hope that our impact is broad and valuable. Increasing landlords' willingness to invest in their communities and improving housing conditions, because they know that their property will be taken care of and treated responsibly. On the tenants side we hope to bring a whole new level of transparency and ease to the application and screening process, and even help tenants increase their credit scores by reporting their paid rent.

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