How does TrustedRentr help tenants?

TrustedRenter is a major improvement for tenants in the application and screening process. Right now it could take a couple weeks to get through this process, not to mention all the forms that need to be filled out before you even get to a lease agreement.

With TrustedRentr, a tenant will have a profile that works as their application and screening all in one spot. When a landlord chooses to use TrustedRentr they simply add a link to their existing listing and the tenant would click on that link to apply to the open apartment. Once they have made sure that this is the apartment they are looking for, and already have their profile filled out, it takes one click to apply.

On the landlords side they see how many people have applied to a property and can screen tenants quickly and move them to the next step, whether that be a tour of the property or a lease agreement to move in.

Great tools for tenants!

TrustedRentr is working on building many valuable tools for tenants such as boosting credit scores for tenants with rent payments, recurring online payments, messaging, issue reports, and more. Our goal is to get to a future where tenants proven responsibility with rental property can get them a decrease in rent, lower initial costs to rent, and ease of access to housing across the US. If a tenant has built a great score and never had an issue with a property there isn’t necessarily a reason to require a large security deposit up front, which can hamper a tenant from getting into housing they want most because of high upfront costs, but because of uncertainty in the rental ecosystem they are necessary.

TrustedRentr is working hard to build better relationships between tenants and landlords. Our goal is to improve the lives of people across the country by taking the stress out of one of our most fundamental needs- housing.

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