How does TrustedRentr help landlords?

Landlords lead busy lives and most of the time owning rental property isn’t their only job. Since they are usually working a full time job on top of renting out their property TrustedRentr is built to save landlords time and money during the application process. While we are not currently a listing site for rentals we provide an easy link to your property that you can attach to existing listings on any site, such as Zillow, Craigslist or Facebook, that directs tenants to apply to that property.

If a tenant does not already have a profile with TrustedRentr they will have to create one in order to apply. The application has all the relevant information you would want to know as a landlord and builds a TrustedRentr score for them. The average starting score for a tenant that just got onto TrustedRentr is around 550. This score will increase with a tenant as they rent unless something happens during their time renting. The score and application is available once they apply and can be assessed.

Once you decide on a tenant you accept their application and start a conversation with that tenant and continue along the normal path of either a tour of the property or a lease agreement. Our goal is to get this process digitized as well to make for a seamless transition.

While the tenant is living on your property they will be listed as a tenant. If something goes bad during this time - such as late or missed payments or an eviction is started, these can be sent into our system and tracked on the score for future landlords to know what happened.

Increased Communication = Better Relationships

We are hoping that this increased accountability on both sides of the rental transaction will increase the communication between tenants and landlords before and during any issue may arise with the goal that they can be resolved outside the judicial system if possible - though we know this will not always be the case.

As this network increases in size TrustedRentr will be a security net for landlords from tenants who cause reoccurring issues within a community. Along with this we are planning on implementing many other benefits for both tenants and landlords in the future.

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