How does the TrustedRentr application score work?

TrustedRentr creates a score for a tenant that goes with them for the time that they are renting. If they move it can be used as a screening tool and will save landlords and tenants valuable time during applications by not having to apply for credit scores or background checks, unless the landlords choose to do those on top of our score.

The score is specifically based on how a tenant has used rental property in the past, tracking things like: evictions, payments, late payments, property damage, contract breaks, and more. We only use the most objective data to calculate the score. Though the way we calculate the score is not shown, the data that we use to arrive at our score is transparent for both tenants and landlords. We believe this is extremely important for accountability on both the tenant and landlords side. We are hoping this is a tool that increases communication between two groups that are seen as combative in most circumstances these days.

Score = Objective Data

TrustedRentr is not to be used as a bludgeon to force tenants into a certain behavior, but as a communication resource for everyone involved. This is why we keep our score to only objective data. We work hard to make sure that no interpersonal disagreements enter into how our score is calculated and will penalize those who attempt to use our data to punish someone over disagreements.

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