Could TrustedRentr Lower Your Rent?

Our goal at TrustedRentr is to make the lives of tenants and landlords easier. For tenants that is helping increase their credit score, and for landlords that is making an application tool perfect for them. 

We want to see that application tool become even more valuable for tenants and landlords though and the way we see that happening is by helping great tenants get deals on their rent. 

Most tenants are great tenants: taking care of the property, paying rent on time, being communicative with their landlord about issues. We think that those tenants should be rewarded for that! TrustedRentr is working on ways for landlords to attract the best tenants to their rental property and one way that is in development is similar to how a great credit score will get you a lower interest rate.

If you have been a great tenant and your score is in the mid 700’s we think that landlords should be able to offer you a discount on rent if you choose their apartment. Rent has only been going up for a while now and it would be nice to see that change for tenants who make the lives of landlords easy and stress-free.

This idea is a work in progress and we would love your feedback on this feature to help our development. If you have any feedback you would like to give please reach out to us at!

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